Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Twelve Tribes

This project was completed for a Boston University Advanced Multimedia Journalism class in the Spring of 2008.


The Twelve Tribes refers to a group of religious communities that exist all over the world. Members live in the image of their "master Yashua" (Jesus), and they structure their daily routines according to the Bible. For instance, men dress in button down shirts, grow long beards, tie their hair back, and wear diadem's to represent the crown Jesus wore and the crown they expect to receive in Heaven. The foundation of the Twelve Tribes is love - for their God, for one another, and for all.

This multimedia project documents the lives of members of the Tribe of Yehuda living in Dorchester, MA. The community consists of about 30 men, women, and children who live communally in an old Victorian home. The members support themselves by owning a Café and a construction company; they home-school their children; and they open the doors of their home to any one interested.

Some consider the community to be a cult, others are simply fascinated by their lifestyle.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Toy Story

I completed this in collaboration with a classmate as a short (2-3 minute) turn-around project.


The growing popularity of Asian-influenced designer toys in the United States has led to the fame of several individuals, including Westport, Mass. artist Matt Albanese, who works under the name MCA. Albanese has one original toy sculpture on the market known as the Evil Ape, which is derived from his design company Evil Design.

The toys are conceived and drawn by him, sent to a company in China where they are manufactured, and distributed across the world. As a freelance artist, Albanese sells custom-painted sculptures of the Evil Ape in addition to displaying his characters in galleries.

Urban Tarzan

This is the first multimedia project that I shot and produced single-handedly.

Chances are you have already seen one of John Brennan's exotic pets. Brennan, 35, from the Bronx, is a professional animal wrangler and caretaker who goes by the stage name "Urban Tarzan".

While working his second job as a carpenter, usually in upstate NY, for extended periods of time, his mother helps take care of the animals.

Brennan has worked alongside Steve Irwin and Jack Hanna on TV talk shows, including Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He has appeared in music videos for artists from Twisted Sister to DMX, and has made cameos with his animals in a few movies as well.